12 March 2023
10:00 AM
Piacenza, IT
ISOLA - Brunch @ Dubliners Irish Pub



“…But islands can only exist

If we have loved in them…” Derek Walcott

Island as safe harbour.

Island as freedom, opportunity, possibility. 

Island as breath, as dream space.

Island as the territory of emotions.

Island as a place to confine oneself, to find oneself.

Sometimes the surrounding waters disrupt its boundaries, sometimes they cradle them.

The wind shifts the clouds and the horizon opens up to remind us that we are still part of the continent.


Georgia Ciavatta, voice and compositions

Mattia Chiappin, trumpet and keys

Nicola Pastori, guitar

Nicolo’ Magistrali, e-bass

Riccardo Dallagiovanna, drums